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Monday, June 27, 2016 - 1:54 PM



For the past 3 weeks 115 Intensive English Students from Melville Senior High School have been participating in a Multicultural Football Program organised by the West Australian Football Commission.  The aim of the program is to use football as a vehicle for social strengthening and inclusion. Both male and female students aged between 12 and 16 years old learnt over the course of the program the skills and rules of AFL football.

With the AFL program having been well received by the teachers and students 45 students both male and female to part in an internal game between two of the classes arranged by the WA Football Commission. WA Female AFL Multicultural Ambassador Sabrina Frederick-Traub made a special appearance assisting with the umpiring.

Taziana Luenig, the head of the IEC school stated Thank you to the WA Football Commission for dealing with our students in such a professional manner; you really connected with them and have made a lasting impression.  I do believe that this is only the beginning of something that will have so many beneficial spin offs for our students, families, community and the game itself.  Watching the students play today was amazing and I was really proud of what we have achieved”

 Following the 4 week program, 4 of the students have now registered to play at their local junior clubs. One of the students ‘Miggs Papio’ is now playing at Kardinya JFC and he said “he decided to play because it is great fun and you get to meet new friends. It also challenges you which I like”.